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Hello, my name is Laurie. My husband and I recently moved to Innisfail Alberta.  Between the two of us we have three grown children, a Goldendoodle and a very spoiled cat. 

My goals for your day.....first, bring a combination of laughter and heart to your ceremony. If you laugh while crying.....I'll go home so happy!!!!

Second, I want to help reduce your stress. If you are full of details, I will follow. If you just don't want to think about it, I will take over. :)

Eloping in the Rocky Mountains

I absolutely love elopements in the middle of nowhere. Or taking a helicopter with you to the top of a mountain. And if you let me, I will bring a little extra love to your ceremony. Reach out to me for more details.

The "I just want to do the basic no extras wedding"

I can meet you at your home, or you can come to my home. If you want to just do the simplest of added hoopla......I'm here for you. I can even supply the witnesses. All I ask is that you tip them a wee bit for their time.

Destination weddings

So you want to get married somewhere warm and on a beach...I encourage you to do the legal portion here in Canada. All the romantic parts surrounded by friends and family can happen elsewhere. Ideally, you take me with you!!! :)

Summer Saturday Weddings

 Please know that approximately 67% of Alberta weddings are now done out of church. Of those 67%, so many couples are hoping for a Saturday summer wedding at around 2PM. In my world, this is the new traditional. And with approximately 20,000 + weddings a year in Alberta each year, please do not wait to book your officiant!!

A little bit about what I usually do for my couples.

1 - I will reach out to your when it is time for you to get your marriage licence.

2 - Once you have that, we will meet up at my home.

3 - Talk about the ceremony. Get an idea of your visual for the day. Find out what we know and what we do not know. This usually only takes 1/2 hour. Bring your marriage licence and witness information.

4 - I will create a personalized wedding. Very rarely do I do the scripted wedding words. Ideally, you, your family and guests will hear a ceremony different than they have heard before. From the moment the bride arrives at the alter and to the moment you both walk back down the aisle.....its about 15 - 25 minutes.

5 - I will let you pick from a variety of vows. You can change them or whatever works for you. Or you can of course create your own.

6 - After we meet, I will send you a review of everything we spoke about. This way you can correct me if needed, or add things or change things. It’s your day!!

7 - I usually encourage rehearsals if there is going to be more than 30 guests. Or more than 4 people per side for the wedding party. However, it’s totally up to you.

8- I like to arrive at the ceremony 1/2 hour early. This way I can check in with the photographer, music person, groom and bride. Make sure we are all on the same page.

$200 deposit to hold the date. Rest is payable anytime before the actual wedding date.

I’m also very good with you interviewing me in person first before committing.

The 2019 wedding season in review :)

I've just completed my third wedding season as a Marriage Commissioner.

Met many groomsmen who were hard to keep quiet during rehearsals. Grandmas who were flower girls.
Ring bearers dressed as a bear. A few brides who are now dear friends. The couple who invited 12 people to the wedding and ended up having about 112 guests. A couple who flew in from the US....who wanted to elope here and I got to secretly include some of their friends. A rainbow wedding dress. A handsome musician marrying his very loving husband. Grooms coming to the wedding by tractors. The best (maybe not according to the bride)..... proposal ever. 3 grooms who cried so much we had to stop the ceremony for a bit. All the weddings that almost got rained on this year. The groom with Asperger Syndrome.....Being able to tell his bride the words that he struggled to tell her directly. I had some very private weddings with very sad back stories. Had some very proud and emotional parents. A very wonderful theme this summer..... chill brides!!!! It was really funny seeing the grooms panicking more. No rings were forgotten and no wedding started really late. Phew.

Occasionally I charge nothing for my services. This year it was for a couple whose original wedding came and went. Only to find out that their "commissioner" was a fraud. It was a very devastating situation. All is good now.

I have loved getting to know people's hearts and learning what makes them happy. Thank you for sharing your stories and trusting me to create a ceremony all about you. I really am blessed to have the best seat in the house while being in some of the most amazing areas in Alberta.

A huge thank you to all those who hired me, recommended me, photographed or filmed me.

Sorry I picked on a few of you.........not really. :):)

And my husband..... your patience while listening to all my funny stories, worries, moments of self doubt.......having suppers and wine ready for me most Fridays and Saturdays of the summer......thank you!!!!


Congratulations on your engagement!! (Insert emoji hearts :)  )
Thank you for taking the time to pop by. Hope to hear from you soon!!


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