Laurie is a gem! We couldn’t imagine anyone else marrying us. She made our wedding so memorable in how she made sure there was a nice mix of humour and seriousness. Of course things were a bit different because of the restrictions in place, but she made it feel like it was perfectly ordinary, nothing different; and it was a huge help in everything from planning to the wedding itself! We recommend Laurie to anyone!  Bethany and Arnie

 Laurie was amazing to work with! She was very organized and walked us through everything. The ceremony itself was so special, she reached out to some of our loved ones to piece together a beautiful story to share during the ceremony that was very "us". Laurie's sense of humour kept things from getting too serious but did not detract from the romantic and intimate vibe of the ceremony. Highly recommended!!  Jenny and Eric


Laurie is so sweet and the most down to earth person who really listens and makes your wishes come true . We loved the fact that she made it so personal and true to us . The mix of humor and sentimental dialogue was perfect. It really was a special day because of her . She is amazing and I will always recommend her to anyone who wants to marry their best friend


❤️Gabby & Chris

Laurie is amazing! She was very easy to get along with and has an amazing sense of humour. We were a bit nervous during the whole process but she eased our minds and made sure that we received exactly what we needed. She was a true gift, and was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had!

Laurie made our day so special for both of us and brought tears to our eyes! It was the most perfect day and we would recommend her to everyone!

Mike and Melissa


  I honestly cannot sing Laurie's praises high enough! She makes every bit of the process painless and easy and has a fabulous sense of humor. She is kind and compassionate and goes above and beyond to ensure that both partners are happy with every detail of the ceremony and tailors the entire thing to each couple's personality with a grace and understanding that is so comforting during the stress of those last few days of wedding planning. She is professional and courteous and even was willing to go out of her way to accommodate my severe allergies during our ceremony. She was so great I almost want to get married twice! You won't regret choosing her to be a part of the most amazing day of your life, I promise!

  ❤️  Bekah and Dan

 Laurie was amazing! She has a lovely voice and a very calm demeanor. She immediately puts you at ease, and has the ability to make the ceremony light hearted without taking away from the importance of it. She was organized and easy to work with. We did a last minute elopement, and our ceremony felt extremely personal and catered to us. If you're looking for someone special to make your ceremony magical and romantic; then Laurie is the perfect person for you.

Jessie J.

 From the very beginning I felt connected to Laurie! She was very much “when and where and I’m in!” I need easy people to deal with and she’s not complicated at all! She arrived to our elopement before we even did and she had everything and more ready to go! We had no one at our wedding and traveled from North Carolina, USA. True elopement. Therefore Laurie contacted our best friends to find out a little more about us... or so we thought. What she had really done was have them write us well wishes and messages that she read off while holding little cardboard cut outs of them that she had made!!! I sobbed!! I laughed!! It was amazing! We still have those little cardboard cut outs too. ❤️ Our ceremony was traditional yet unique and our own. We laughed, we cried, we got married!!!! Just what we wanted. Not to mention one of my favourite photos from the whole day was of us laughing during our ceremony. Perfection. I’m also not sure if Laurie wanted to stay in touch after our ceremony or not but like I said before, instant connection, so even now we stay in contact through social media and email! I wouldn’t change a thing about my wedding day, especially choosing my hubby and Laurie! 


I have nothing but good thing to say about Laurie, she was the best to work with and made us feel completely at ease for our ceremony! She was well organized, personal, and took the time to get to know not only us as a couple but reached out to friends and family to gain insights to include in the ceremony. Not only did we love her, we had so many compliments after saying how wonderful Laurie was and what a great job she had done. I would highly recommend her to anyone! 


                                            Danielle & Luke


Laurie was absolutely amazing! She was so polite, funny and super easy to work with. It felt like I had an old best friend marry us. thank you so much Laurie, I can’t wait for you to renew our wedding vows!!!

Tina and Cam

Winter Romance
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 Laurie was so wonderful and created the perfect ceremony for our tiny elopement. It was just us and two witnesses and the dog, yet Laurie was able to provide such a thoughtful, funny and personalised ceremony for us. I honestly couldn't have imagined anything better. She was always in touch, answering any questions we had and was more than excited for our rather cold outdoor wedding by a lake in the middle of nowhere! So grateful to Laurie for making our day so special and giving us the best ceremony we could have asked for.

Laurie was lovely! She made everything so easy. She was very flexible and supportive with all of our last minute changes we made with COVID. She even accommodated my wife sending in her vows the evening before the wedding! She personalized the ceremony to us and included our friends and family that could not be there with us on the day. I would highly recommend Laurie for any wedding!

Maddie and Chris 

 We were honoured to have Laurie officiate our marriage ceremony April 2021. My groom and I had different ideas for the ceremony, and Laurie was able to personalize it to please us both. Despite getting married during a pandemic, Laurie helped make our modified wedding day so very special. You can definitely tell she enjoys what she does, and she does it extraordinarily well. Tom and I cannot compliment Laurie and her services enough.Thanks again Laurie! Stay amazing!

Gina-May and Tom 

Laurie was amazing! She put her heart and soul into our ceremony and went an extra mile to make sure our story was told beautifully. We are so eternally grateful!

Brandi and Cody

A super fun review. The bridesmaid who told me that after hearing my love story of the couple......she actually likes the groom now. :)

 I am a Funeral Director and have had Laurie at numerous services as a Funeral Celebrant (She is definitely my “go-to”) so when my fiancé proposed it was a no brainer who would be marrying us! Laurie personalizes every ceremony so well! She is so down to earth, thoughtful, genuine and a beautiful lady inside and out. I never worried at all about how our ceremony would go or have any doubts in my mind at all that it wouldn’t be perfect with her as a Celebrant. She did not disappoint at all!!! Everyone at the ceremony was so impressed at how personal our ceremony was. It was short and sweet like we wanted but so memorable and personal. Thank YOU again Laurie for going above and beyond and creating lasting memories at such special occasions!!! xoxo

Jolene and Nick

Bridesmaid's Bouquets and Wedding Rings

Laurie was amazing! She went out of her way for us and made sure our ceremony was light but yet romantic! I loved the way she personalized our ceremony and made it all about us! Id recommend Laurie to anyone! Can’t say enough good things! 

                                          Stephanie and Jason

Laurie was a perfect wedding gift! We couldn't have asked for more. She was literally like a Fairy Godmother, meeting us on short notice, choosing the perfect location on our behalf (hello moss carpet, creekside in the mountains) and ensuring the ceremony went smoothly. I knew I could trust someone who would have rainbows on their website lol. Absolutely recommend......fun, upbeat with a wonderful style all her own. Thank you Laurie for our perfect day! Ryn

This was a fun wedding. Met a photographer who loves nature photography. Combined with a wedding, felt perfect in this location. If you wanted a photographer who will skydive, whitewater raft, bungee jump for your wedding.......Travis is up for that!!!  Laurie

tbphotographs.com  Travis

 Laurie was amazing! She absolutely nailed it with our story, and had us laughing as hard as our guests with the details! Rehearsal was also fantastic, she was able to to work with our group of goof balls so easily, and had us feeling confident in what we were doing before she left us. Laurie is a total pro, and we are so thankful that we found her to marry us! We will be recommending her to all of our friends and family!

Tristen and Taylor

 Couldn’t have been better. She was so so so helpful during the planning stages and really showed her experience during our rehearsal. I am type A, think of everything kind of person and Laurie covered things I would’ve never thought of. She was quick to reply to my emails, incredibly thoughtful with our ceremony, and did a great job balancing the traditionalism our parents expect vs. The fun we wanted to have. We couldn’t have been happier!

Celine and John


I knew we needed Laurie to marry us half way through our first phone call! Out of 15 wedding officiants I talked she was the only one that asked any questions about the vibe of our wedding and it actually felt like she wanted to get to know us. She was so easy to communicate with, gave great suggestions and helped us craft an extremely personal service. We had so many people come up after and tell us they wished their officiant had been like her! She was fun, personable and professional! Our ceremony was even more perfect than we could have imagined and that wouldn’t have been possible without Laurie. Shantel and Dave

 Laurie was so thoughtful, creative and caring. She was able to capture our love story perfectly. She was amazingly and the ceremony was so beautiful. Thank you Laurie for being able to set the tone for our life's journey. We could not be more happy with the way everything went!


 On September 4th I got to marry my best friend. After planning a wedding that I didn't get to have because of covid and postponing a year I was excited to just be married already. Laurie was very understanding during all of this and was very helpful in planning and letting us know when to do things and what to do. She added personal touches to our ceremony that made it feel really unique to us and made it special for us and all of our guests really enjoyed it, all during our reception people kept commenting about the different parts they enjoyed the most and it was interesting to hear our love story laid out by each other and friends. There were a whole bunch of things that didn't go as planned that day but the ceremony was beautiful and fun and went perfectly. We had a wonderful wedding day and we are grateful for Laurie and everything she added to the day for us.


There isn’t enough words to describe how much we enjoyed having Laurie with us on our special day. She made the the process painless in planning. She made the ceremony feel intimate and unique to just us. It’s the little details that sets Laurie apart from everyone else. Giving us copies of the vows and the ceremony, that’s something we can cherish for the rest of our lives. We can’t thank her enough or recommend her enough to other people.



Courtney and Gord 


We absolutely loved Laurie ❤️

She did such an incredible job!!

From the moment we decided we wanted to have her officiate our wedding,

she had such amazing communication and really seemed to put her heart into it.

At the ceremony, it wasn’t your traditional type of ceremony.

She made it so much more personal by sharing our stories

and sharing what we had said about one another and sharing what our friends had said about us as a couple.

It was fun, we laughed and cried.

It was so beautiful.

We could not have imagined any other way.

Laurie thank you for making our day that much more special for us! ❤️❤️❤️

Nikki and Quincy

When we got engaged my husband immediately suggested Laurie to marry us,

I’m so glad he did!

Laurie is kind, punctual, and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Every time we met/ interacted with her I felt calm and reassured that we were getting ready for the wedding.

At our ceremony she did a wonderful job of personalizing it and telling our story, we had multiple guests comment on what a great job she did.

My husband and I also felt she did a wonderful job,

and would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you so much Laurie! ❤️

(also everyone loved your shoes!!)

Taryn and Trey


 Me and Matt loved our ceremony.

All our guests thought she was hilarious.

She personalized it and made a huge effort to be there for us on this day .

I can't say thank you enough for what you did we will always remember it


Kyleen and Matt


Russ and I want to thank you for everything you did for our wedding day. We had so many comments from our guests about the ceremony. You were sincere, funny, organized, fearless, as we had lots of wasps! 😁. 
We cannot thank you enough for walking us through the steps, from marriage license to the name change. 
We are so happy we got to work with you. Our day would not have been the same without you. Thank you for joining our dreams. 

Leslie and Russ Tripp


"I told my husband I'd hire you for my second marriage LOL. He said he would do the same 😉"


 Laurie was so great!!!

She was funny and sweet and just what we wanted!

She was easy going and very friendly!

Thanks for being apart of our special day :)

Melissa and Shay

Laurie was amazing,

she was everything I wanted for our special day.

She made the ceremony very light hearted and fun,

she’s easy to engage with

and overall has a very goofy spirit.

We were so pleased with our choice.

Would highly recommend her

Ashley and Troy


Dreams Jointed

All our guests had nothing but great things to say.
Laurie made us laugh, which helped us relax at the alter.
We more or less flung the wedding but with her guidance, it turned out perfect.

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